Saturday, 3 September 2011

Even Thugs Can Have Their Say

Hooligans are everywhere.  Not even bookshops are safe. 

I pass the religious section in my local Waterstones, and see two thugs grinning from the shelves.  One is staring into the far distance – to god atop the Empire State?  The other, some bald guy smirking into his oversize chin, appears to be looking at his wallet. 

You get the picture?  The usual dichotomies.  The simple clichés.  They’re in the ring, apparently, fighting about some thing or other.  Old style one hopes: all mud and dirt, pulling ears, gouging each other’s eyes out…

God and goodness, I believe is the idea.  It is an easy way to make money.

A war criminal and his publicist, the pimp and his prostitute, are talking about morality.  They have no shame.  No shame!  It is Blair’s one abiding legacy.  Together with the bank account his kids will inherit.

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