Friday, 29 November 2013

To the Knacker’s Yard

It is about power, and its paradoxes.  It is about change, its dangers and results.  It is about a past too strong to be ignored, and which fights for its right to exist; imagine a wounded soldier returning to a battlefield on which his enemy has built a large and prosperous town.  There is a weak king and a strong queen; while illusions and cynical self-interest are much in evidence.  The opening is majestic.  A vast panorama of green hills, speckled with decorative humans; who traverse this valley with lordly insouciance; having transformed a wild territory into a country estate and royal hunting ground.  And yet… against these large hills these great men look tiny.  This country they have conquered has turned them into dwarves.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old Love (III)

These words between them
Create a face both will share.

And little gullies of laughter
Make a valley to cultivate

With words freshly grown
In gardens of their own.

Wild roses amongst hawthorns,
An accident they have designed.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shaky Sheds on Sinking Soil

This review is odd.  It rests on a misconception about a state that was always more complicated that the caricatures portrayed on our television screens.  This leads to some curious assertions.  Here is one:

It takes some 40 minutes before we begin to understand where we are… (Catherine Wheatley, BFI Notes)

Yet at the very beginning of the film, just after Barbara gets off the bus and is walking through the town, East Germany 1980 appears on the screen.  Why such an obvious error?  Was she tucking the cigarette packet into her handbag, unaware that there will no be opening credits to this movie…?  Although the most banal explanation usually ends up the truest, I think in this case there is a deeper reason for such a mistake.  Catherine Wheatley needs a mystery to dictate the form of this film.  She wants it to be a Kafkaesque place whose concrete identity is only slowly revealed; the moment of revelation sudden and unexpected: ah ha! the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.   She first needs the myth.  Then she needs the particular details to confirm it.

Sunday, 3 November 2013