Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Hike Along Difficult Terrain

The talk so serious, 
For such a time.
Then his humour,
The penetration of those phrases,
A first for me, in this life.

A first for you?

Yes! That talk
His words,
Ah, those words…

You were intoxicated?

But of course!
Such a strange guide,
Then his path so difficult…

Of course I know
There were times
I didn’t follow; 
I accept it, I admit this.

But then, surely, but who…

It was a difficult path
Along a mountain ridge
To a lake high up
In the mountains.

It was so quiet there.  
So still. 
The lake so deep that…

You fell into revelry?

The mist,
Rising up like smoke
Out of its depths,
Out of his eyes…

From his eyes?

Yes, you are right.
No question.
No doubt at all
I did lose myself.

You couldn’t follow?

He lost me.
The path so difficult
The lake, it was…
Yes, he lost me
And lost I jumped in.

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