Foreign Travel (II) He’s Welsh You Know

I can’t resist a Bertrand Russell quote.  So I went all the way to Penrhyndeudraeth, and had a charming time.  As usual there was the wit and sharp intelligence; and as always I learned something new…

I couldn’t remember where in Wales Russell died so I checked on the AA’s route finder to help me get the exact location. What do I find: Russell was born in Trellech in Monmouthshire.  He is Welsh!   

Joking aside the exchange is interesting, I think, for what two people can achieve when they share similar views, but disagree on some of the detail.  It may also reflect a certain bias in myself – perhaps I overrate the power of cultural constraints.  I’m not sure, it is more, I think, we are coming from different perspectives, but it is something I’m reflecting about.