He Africa Man; Original

I wrote it and then I wondered…  Maybe I’d made a mistake.  Perhaps I’d got it wrong.  Had I been unfair to Noureddine Ghali?  After all he does speak about the differences between the Wolof and French languages, and notes that it is the intellectuals who ran post-colonial Senegal.   In my desire to smash the idol of politics that mystifies so much of film and literary criticism I wondered if I might have gone too far… 

I reread his piece and was relieved.  Perhaps I didn’t go far enough! 

To read my guerilla raid go MyWeku, where you can it view it in two parts.  Part one here.  And two part here.  Amongst many other things, which include flights of fancy and sober analysis, this piece is a manifesto of sorts.  My very own cri de coeur