Friday, 26 August 2011

Go Away!

I seem to upset people all the time.  Many’s the chief executive who has gone home crying to his wife.  Why won’t that Mr Schloss just listen!  Why indeed…

After I wrote my piece on the Hackney riot I was naturally proud of it.  And being my usually naïve self – innocence the source of most trouble – I thought I’d comment on Michael Albert’s piece on the same topic, referencing my own very different perspective. 

His reply was initially odd, then hopeful, then finally derogatory.  Unable to be saved by him I had got on his nerves.  How often have I experienced that before.  Paul, if you would just listen to me you would see the truth!  You could become a director of the company, if you would only accept reality.  I have remained in my happy ignorance.

Maybe I wasn’t clear.  Perhaps what I write is odd.  My style strange?  Do I make any sense at all…  You must tell me good reader.

An alterative explanation is that my perspective is too different for him to understand.  There is an old Chomsky story about how a small Marxist paper rejected a piece he wrote on the fall of the Berlin Wall.  They were so ideologically conditioned they couldn’t understand it.  His view that the collapse of Communism was good for Socialism simply could not be assimilated into their theology.  In this case, it could be the tendency to reduce every explanation to politics; one of the new religions of the age; coupled with his strong ideological commitments.

So maybe it is the same as with those old Marx fans.  You must judge, my friends.

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