Monday, 10 May 2010

The Power and the Glory

At what point in the Middle Ages did it become impossible to think outside Christianity?

This thought came to me when I heard someone criticise the calls for proportional representation – only the economy matters. How true! like God seven hundred years ago. For economics, or more correctly, The Market, is today’s deity.

Politics is the great God killer, the mad man in the market place: it has the power to redistribute power and wealth, to control the economy. Thus a change in the parliamentary system that gives other parties, and the majority of the population, a say in running in the country is the crucial question right now. The one chance in a generation? Is Nick Clegg the man to carry this heavy load….

Or is it beyond us all, as a new Monotheism takes charge?

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  1. There is a depressing thought. The turkeys will never vote for Christmas.